Hi! I’m Ressa.

Working at TinyBuild as audio producer

and making music for fun

I can create catchy tunes

in various genres

hard rock

switch between styles if needed

take a sweet casual game
add some Christmas vibes
melt in some new age then

and mimic anything

late Soviet 80s
where are your diamonds Marina
and your wand Voldemort
and whatever princess Mononoke

anyway, most of my works are eclectic due to game development I’m working in

why not add banjo to reggae
put several dance styles into one track? no problem
can’t even describe the genre at times
improve hotel california with found screws and nails
just relax with rainy blues

sometimes I end up with making extremely weird stuff like my recent metafolk IDM EP “Higher”

you can buy it here

So here we go

I’m a meowie

some blah blah on the subject

I make SFX as well

and well I want to lay down and sleep for years

Companies I’ve worked with

Send nudes

Send darkest memes